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About Us

Farm Choice with head office in Nitra, Slovakia and sales office in Horsens, Denmark, is a company providing mechanization solutions for pig farmers in Europe.

In the Nitra premises we have research and development and manufacturing facilities. Both in Nitra and in Horsens we have show rooms where we can present our products to clients and partners.

The owners of the company have more than 30 years of industry experience, and step onto the pitch with fresh ideas and a new competitive concept.

Simplicity and durability are the core of our concept, and this is true in both the products we offer and the way the company is run. We believe that this provides the greatest possible value to our customers.

It is important for us that today and in the future there is a short distance, if not direct dialogue between us who own the company and you as a customer. We know from experience that this offers great value for both parties.

The core values of our products will be simple and good functionality, durability and compliance with the applicable rules of animal welfare.

We look forward to meeting you as a customer in our company.