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Free Stall

The Farm Choice Free Stall is designed with the functional properties required in modern pig production where the staff's working conditions and sow welfare is weighted equally high.

The sow can freely move in and out of the box and is protected from the other sows in the group as soon as it is entered in the box and the back gate is closed.

The box sides are low in the rear end providing ample space for staff in connection with vaccination or artificial insemination.


Box’s unique central locking system locks the box directly through the rear door, exactly where force is being applied, thus achieving an extraordinary strong structure.
Manual or automatic central locking.

Large Group Pens

Farm Choice pens for sows and gilts are in solidly manufactured in 50 mm PEHD panels and galvanized steel, or in stainless steel and extra strong 35 mm PVC profiles. All materials and solutions are dimensioned for highest durability.

Pens in 50 mm PEHD panels and steel
Pens in 36 mm PVC panels and steel