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The penning for finishers is designed with focus on durability, good function and is easy to clean for maximum hygiene.

The penning sides made of hard PVC can be cleaned quickly with high pressure, and are resistant to impact and bites from the pigs. The U-profiles are designed with an extra bend, so the connection between PVC profiles and u-profiles becomes tight when bolted together. Plastic adaptors make the pen side a closed hygienic unit.

The penning for finishers can be configured in many ways and heights.

Standard heights are 850 mm, 950 mm and 1000 mm.

The penning can be more or less open or closed. With PVC panels in full height or combined with 1” pipes to create more airflow in the pens.

The option are full PVC panel, PVC panel in combination with 1, 2 or 3 pipes.

Pen with full PVC and 1 or 2 pipe configuration for liquid feed
Pen with PVC and 2 pipes configuation for dry feed

The penning gates are provided in three versions.

  • Full width gates that stand on the floor and can be opened both sides
  • Hinged gate with double latches
  • Hinged gate that will lift be the opening and a with a feature that allows to slam the door into locked position

The gate can be slammed into closed position due to unique closing mechanism
This feature lifts the gate by the opening
Pen with gates in full width.
Door lock is one-hand operated
Double latch locking
Hinge without lifting feature
The design makes the pen side a closed hygienic unit